No! You can cancel anytime.

Once you signup, we will have you setup within 2 business days from the time you purchase your domain.

Yes. SavvyWiFi name will not be on your website or any of the software. Only your domain and brand will be displayed.

It usually only takes selling 1 or 2 to break even on your monthly reseller fee.  So you can be making recurring money right away!

We only put one reseller in each area.  But you can sell anywhere you would like.

No! We have developed our Social Powered WiFi system for any level of technical experience. Our system is so easy to use anyone can do it.

It is 100% your business so you can charged businesses whatever you would like. We have recommendations and customizable contracts but the ultimate decision is up to you.

We have pre-configured routers with our proprietary firmware that you purchase from us.  So then you just need to build the login page in your dashboard and plug in the router. It's easy!

It only takes minutes to build a business's Social WiFi system.  You just build their login pages in your dashboard and plugin the router and you are good to go.

If you use text messages in your marketing system, you would pre-pay $0.23 - $.03 per text message.   You would then up-charge your customers to cover your cost and make money on each text.

We have a built in billing system that allows you to collect credit cards, charge one time fees and setup recurring monthly charges.

It is 100% your business and you make 100% of the decisions.  You can charged businesses whatever you would like.  We provide recommendations but it is ultimately up to you.

We provide everything you will need to be successful including; video tutorials. customizable marketing material, customer billing system, merchant contracts, sales scripts, marketing website and more!

Yes. You have the option to manage the businesses marketing campaigns or you can let them login and manage their own.

With our current discounted price of $149/mo you will be able to setup, up to 25 routers.  After you initially setup 25 routers, you would pay an additional $99 for the ability to setup 25 more routers.  Resellers break even on their reseller fees with selling 1 or 2 social wifi systems.

Almost any type of business can benefit from a social powered WiFi marketing system. Restaurants, coffee shops, dentists, medical offices, retail, events, office complexes, and much more.

Yes. Our social WiFi marketing system works with any business no matter how many locations. You can setup multiple routers per location (mesh) or sperate routers in every location.

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